VocApp is a project which creates modern solutions in the area of education, mainly foreign language learning. It has created an interactive platform with language learning materials, which is available both in the form of a website and applications for mobile devices. With its help, users have the opportunity to create their own educational content in the form of flashcards, share them with other users and effectively acquire new vocabulary. The solution developed by VocApp is based on an algorithm that optimizes repeats and a system generating multimedia content that engages all the senses of the user, which significantly increases the efficiency of the learning process. In addition to the system generating the flashcards, the platform also offers a wide range of professional language courses of various levels of advancement and various subjects.

Fiszkoteka, the Polish version of VocApp platform, won the title of the “Golden Website of the Year WPROST” and has the certificate of innovation in the field of foreign language teaching, the European Language Label, awarded by the European Commission. This certificate is an award for innovative education techniques and promotes methodological and didactic achievements.


Simpact has invested PLN 1 million in the company, with the possibility of increasing its exposure up to PLN 2 million. The funds from the investment will be used for the implementation of the research and development plan, which assumes the creation of a natural language processing system and the use of a mechanism enabling automatic substantive control of the content generated by users.


The main social challenge that VocApp tries to solve is limited access to effective education. VocApp offers a unique, intelligent language learning tool that allows its users to learn anytime and anywhere thanks to the accessibility through the website and the mobile application. Thus, it offers equal access to an effective form of education, regardless of place of residence and level of education. The main task of the project is to shape users’ language skills that support the development of important social competences and help achieve different life goals. The proposed solutions are aimed at reducing educational disproportions and strengthening social integration.


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