Vovapp is a project dealing with the creation of modern solutions in the field of education, mainly language learning. She has created an interactive platform with language learning materials, which is available both as a website and as an application for mobile devices. With its help, users can create their own educational content in the form of flashcards, share them with other users and effectively absorb new vocabulary. The platform is based on the systematic repetition of new words using multimedia flashcards, which, apart from translating a given issue, also contain tips on correct pronunciation, a picture that fits the context, as well as an example of use in a sentence. In addition to the system that generates flashcards, the platform also offers a wide range of professional language courses of various levels of advancement and various topics. In addition to English lessons, users can also take advantage of learning tools for over 20 other languages. To date, over 2.5 million users have used the solutions available on the portal, generating more than 65 million flashcards.

Investment date:  March 2018

Founders:  Rafał Młodzki, Marcin Młodzki, 


Location:  Warsaw, Poland