Warsaw 04.12.2023 – Simpact Ventures, a Polish investment fund based on the idea of impact investing, has announced its latest investment in the biotechnology company Verdant Nature (VN). The acquired funds will be allocated to product development and international expansion. Verdant Nature has thus become the thirtieth company in the portfolio of the fund, which is supported, among others, by the European Investment Fund.

Verdant Nature Transforms the Supplement Market

The global nutritional supplement market is experiencing impressive growth – its value exceeded $160 billion in 2022, with a forecasted increase to $346 billion by 2032 at an annual growth rate of 7.8%. Despite this, the industry faces many challenges, such as low bioavailability (limited assimilation of certain ingredients, affecting their effectiveness), excessive dosing, difficult access to high-quality supplements, and consumer misinformation.

Verdant Nature (VN) is a Polish-American biotechnology company that has revolutionized the dietary supplement market by introducing the innovative BioSNEDS™ technology. This technology significantly improves the body’s absorption of active ingredients, thus considerably enhancing their effectiveness. All BioSNEDS™ ingredients easily dissolve in water, have a neutral taste, and emit no odor.

Verdant Nature is an international team of experts with extensive industry experience. The company has its own production plant, laboratory, and R&D center, allowing them to maintain the highest standards of quality and innovation. Their mission is not only to improve individual health but also to address the problem of “hidden hunger” – the deficiency of micronutrients despite consuming enough calories. This affects over 2 billion people worldwide, mainly in South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, but also in high-income countries, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

  • “Micronutrient deficiencies are not just a matter of individual health but also a significant social and economic issue. They can adversely affect children’s development, limit societal productivity, and generate high costs for health systems,” notes Wojciech Majewski, a partner at Simpact Ventures. He adds, “The BioSNEDS™ solution created by Verdant Nature is a response to the need for improved absorption of active ingredients, which is a key step towards more effective and sustainable supplementation.”

The funds raised by the company will be invested in further sales development in the United States and international expansion. They will also allow for the continuation of research and development activities and the establishment of key partnerships, thereby strengthening Verdant Nature’s position in the biotechnology sector.

  • “The investment in Verdant Nature complements our portfolio, which already includes several potential leaders in the health sector, such as Prosoma and the startup Nutrix, which addresses issues related to diabetes and obesity. This strategic move strengthens our position in this sector, where we see great potential for development, innovation, and of course, generating impact,” says Krzysztof Grochowski, a partner at Simpact Ventures.

Simpact Ventures is a sector-agnostic fund that does not limit itself to a specific industry but looks for projects with the potential to solve significant social and environmental problems.

Simpact Ventures – the first investment fund in Poland based on the concept of so-called impact investing, where the key criterion for investing in and engaging in technology projects is their positive impact on society and the natural environment. More information about the fund can be found at www.simpact.vc.

Verdant Nature specializes in innovative ingredients using advanced BioSNEDS™ technology, significantly increasing the bioavailability of active substances. The company’s products play a key role in four different sectors, supplying ingredients for dietary supplements, functional beverages, skincare cosmetics, and the animal feed industry. More information is available at www.verdantnature.com.