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Simpact is the first impact VC investment fund in Poland. We are currently investing in the Simpact 2.0 vehicle, in which the largest investor is the European Investment Fund. You can submit your project to us using the form below!

Offer and criteria

Our ticket ranges from EUR 500k to EUR 2M with favorite starting point at around 1M EUR. We invest from the Pre-seed phase, but focus on Seed phase transactions.

We only add projects that meet all boundary conditions to our investment funnel.

Our mission is clear – every startup must have a strong positive social impact. Please see our website to learn more about impact investing.

We invest from the Pre-seed phase to the A round. However, regardless of the stage of a startup’s development, each of them must have the potential for quick scalability based on technology.

Startups are primarily people and we strongly believe in this approach to investing – your project must have a strong and committed team.

When deciding on an investment, we need to know how to get out of it – we expect a clearly outlined strategy for the future from your project.

Pre-selection process

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If we decide to continue the process – we will contact you

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