Verdant Nature

Verdant Nature is an innovative biotechnology company with Polish-American roots that has revolutionized the dietary supplement market with the introduction of its groundbreaking BioSNEDS™ technology. This unique technology significantly enhances the absorption of active ingredients in supplements, resulting in higher efficacy. Verdant Nature also stands out from the competition with its user-friendly products – they are water-soluble, have a neutral taste, and are odorless. The company has its own advanced production facility, laboratory, and R&D center, which enables it to maintain high standards of quality and innovation. The Verdant Nature team consists of international experts with extensive industry experience, allowing for dynamic development and establishing a strong position in the biotechnology industry.

The mission of Verdant Nature includes addressing the global issue of “hidden hunger”, which is the deficiency of micronutrients despite consuming an adequate amount of calories. Through its innovative approach to supplementation, the company strives to reduce the lack of access to highly bioavailable nutritional components.

Investment date: November 2023

Founders: Beata Jędrzejewska, Marta Lefik, Carl Germana, Jerry Schlesser, Alexander Lubański

Location: Delawere, USA