The company is currently developing and implementing two solutions based on thermovision and advanced algorithms. The first solution – ThermoEye is a product aimed at the livestock industry. The device measures the temperature in the round-the-clock mode of animals. It then analyzes and labels animals that may have early symptoms of disease. Thanks to this, without the use of extensive antibiotic therapy, the breeder is able to isolate the animal from the herd at an early stage. The second solution is to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. Quicktemp devices are used to measure and analyze temperature in people – entering buildings. Mainly used in public institutions (e.g. hospitals, offices).

Investment date:  May 2018

Founders:  Hubert Gęsiarz, Paweł Kielanowski, Przemysław Sekalski, Łukasz Adamek

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Location:  Rozprza, Poland