SiDLY is an innovative Polish technology company whose main product is a telecare system based on a proprietary medical device in the form of a wristband, a telemedicine platform, and an application. SiDLY telemedicine modules allow, among others for detecting falls, calling for help via the SOS button, reminding you to take medications and administering medications, constant monitoring of heart rate and temperature, setting daily activities, but also have many other possibilities used in the process of caring for people suffering from dementia and epilepsy. All parameters measured by the wristband are sent to the telemedicine platform and the application on an ongoing basis, where they are analyzed and the doctor or caregiver can immediately react to irregularities and emergency situations. The company has received over 30 awards worldwide for its achievements in the area of ​​developing the new technologies market. Sidly has over 40,000 users of the band and the SiDLY system, which is used by over 300 entities and institutions. The SiDLY system performs over 1.3 million measurements made by the wristband each month.

Investment date:  December 2019

Exit date:  July 2021

Founders:  Edyta Kocyk, Michał Pizoń

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Localisation: Warszawa, Polska