Samurai Labs

Founded by a team of passionate innovators, Samurai Labs is a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionise online safety. In a growing digital landscape, online platforms are grappling with serious threats – bullying, hate speech, sexual abuse and grooming. These forms of online violence not only contribute to alarming rates of teen suicide and child exploitation, but also hit businesses hard, resulting in aggressive user churn, lost revenue and boycotts by major brands.

Leveraging breakthroughs in natural language processing and deep learning, Samurai Labs builds sophisticated AI models that detect and prevent harmful online behaviour in real time. Its augmented moderation solution can instantly detect and counter online violence before the damage is done. Samurai Labs is able to autonomously understand and intervene in cyberviolence. The technology directly engages in dialogues to defuse aggression, blocking malicious content and users, reducing cyberviolence and reducing the burden on human moderators.

Committed to creating safer online communities and protecting vulnerable users, Samurai Labs continues to redefine industry standards and deliver solutions that benefit individuals and businesses worldwide.

Investment date: August 2022

Founders: Michał Wroczyński, Grzegorz Rutkiewicz, Gniewosz Leliwa

Location: San Francisco, US