Bringing together world-class scientists, psychologists, engineers and new tech entrepreneurs, Prosoma is at the forefront of digital healthcare solutions for oncology. By harnessing advances in mobile technology, digitalisation and medical expertise, it delivers scalable, patient-centric solutions. At the heart of its innovations is ‘Living Well’, a CE-marked Class I medical device application designed to alleviate the psychological distress associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment. Aimed at adult cancer patients, carers and survivors, the application serves as a vital adjunct to traditional treatments, emphasising the cultivation of healthy habits and promoting a happier, more fulfilling life. Designed by leading experts in psycho-oncology, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), user experience and data science, it is based on scientifically validated methods and provides users with an interactive, evidence-based experience. With an ethos of patient-centred care, Living Well has been co-designed with patients to ensure it’s tailored to their real needs. With a focus on safety, the app maintains the highest standards of data security to protect users’ sensitive information. 

Prosoma is committed to improving the standard of cancer care by providing patients with access to mental health support. The Living Well application aims to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment. By expanding access to Living Well, Prosoma is addressing a significant gap in cancer care – the lack of professional mental health support. By tackling the complexities of cancer care, Prosoma’s innovative approach not only improves the quality of life for patients, but also reduces the economic burden and increases the resilience and efficiency of global healthcare systems.

Investment date: September 2022

Founders: Marek Ostrowski, Emanuela Kufel, Andrzej Jończyk

Location: London, UK