Literacka provides artificial intelligence tools and solutions for publishers and the publishing market to develop new business opportunities and improve customer service and streamline the publishing process. The Literacy team consists of data science, machine learning and book market specialists. They analyze long texts of content in Polish, we work with large data sets. As part of the solutions developed by LIteracka there are a number of solutions based on AI agloryms – incl. recommendation solutions for bookstores and libraries, solutions for publishers that automate the publishing process, in particular the process of evaluating new publications. Literacka Technologie is a leader in the field of long text analysis by artificial intelligence algorithms. Their algorithms achieve an efficiency of 82-96%.

Investment date:  January 2019

Founders:  Małgorzata Sieniewicz, Dr. Krzysztof Stopyła, Urszula Witkowska

Strona główna

Location:  Olsztyn, Poland