Glaze Prosthetics

Glaze Prosthetics produces prostheses for adults and children. Its founders use 3D printing technology to create hand prostheses tailored to the individual visual and functional needs of users. This solution offers wide possibilities of their personalization. It is about such elements as, for example, the choice of color or finishing elements. The company’s clients can not only adjust the appearance of the prosthesis in detail, but also integrate it with Bluetooth speakers or a smartphone power bank. The Glaze prosthesis is light, so its weight does not restrict hand movements and does not cause skin burns, which may be encountered by people wearing prostheses, especially in summer. In addition, it is not prone to bending, bruising, damage or breakage. The company sells its products all over the world, in particular on the American market.

Date of investment: September 2018

Founders: Grzegorz Kosch

Location: Krakow, Poland

Location: Leeds, England

Location: San Antionio, Texas, USA