Deko Eko

Deko Eko is a startup dealing with the processing of waste from companies (catalogs, leaflets, defective product collections or packaging waste) and their reuse in a non-standard way. The company has a sales platform and also provides consulting and design services for business. Deko Eko enables designers and social enterprises from all over the world to cooperate with large companies and corporations, such as McDonald’s, IKEA, Coca-Cola or Ergo-Hestia. All this to create aesthetic and functional consumer products made in 100%. from selected waste materials. Earrings from old telephones, elegant glasses from beer bottles, a coffee table made of cable spools, pillows made of cocoa bags – these are just some of them. The company has been operating on the Polish market for several years, and is currently developing on the DACH and Benelux markets, where the circular economy is a very strong trend. Thanks to Deko Eko, garbage is changed by designers into gift gadgets and completely new products, which later return to the commercial circulation. The project addresses the problem of wasting raw materials and increasing environmental pollution, which is of great importance for future generations.

Date of investment: September 2019

Founders: Agata Frankiewicz

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Location: Cracow, Poland