Take Task is a technology company that develops solutions for business and industry, allowing for assigning, monitoring and managing tasks on a large scale with dispersed resources and many locations. TakeTask technology is used in many sectors, from petrol stations (implemented at Shell stations around the world), through the FMCG industries (Auchan network), drugstores and beauty stores (eg Hebe) and many others. Take Task used technological solutions to provide a Home Quarantine solution or to support e.g. voice bots in the process of supporting the Government of the Republic of Poland in the fight against the COVID epidemic. In addition, TT also offers solutions in the area of ​​the sharing economy – through the TaskHero application – allows you to outsource tasks to distributed agents. Task Hero is a free application for mobile devices that pays its users – Agents – for performing simple tasks in the area, such as checking prices or taking photos of products in the store.

Investment date:  December 2018

Founders:  Sebastian Starzyński, MArek Mróz

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Location:  Warsaw, Poland