A startup that develops a cloud workspace that helps filmmakers, animators or graphic designers create and store their works. Thanks to the solution, the creators can carry out their work from any device with Internet access – even their own smartphone. Thanks to this, they do not have to buy powerful computers or hard drives for stored data – Renderro takes the traditional digital studio completely into the cloud space. Users can install any software and applications that they would normally run on a physical workstation. Moreover, thanks to the use of the digital environment, it is possible to collaborate with other users. Renderro allows several creators to work together remotely on one project as if they were in the same studio. The solution provides them with high mobility and independence from the physical place of work. The service is available in the Pay-as-you-go model, which means that users only pay for the resources they actually use. It works on both Windows and MacOS.

Investment date: June 2020

Founders: Piotr Chomczyk

Location: Puławy, Poland