With roots in Switzerland and a strong international presence with offices in Poland and Chile, Nutrix has emerged as a disruptive force in digital health. This dynamic startup is redefining the landscape of glucose research and obesity management through the use of sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms. Their flagship product, gSense, is an avant-garde solution that empowers individuals to monitor health metrics from the comfort of their own homes. The innovative gSense device, a cutting-edge blood glucose monitor, effortlessly interfaces with the gSense super health app. This application is an all-in-one hub that provides a spectrum of features: from telemedicine consultations and digital health coaching to real-time statistics, insightful educational materials, and a dedicated medical support hotline. Furthermore, the gSense dashboard ensures that medical professionals receive real-time, in-depth analytics, enabling them to deliver superior patient care tailored to individual needs.

Having secured a partnership with Fonasa, Chile’s primary health insurance provider, Nutrix’s credibility is clear. Its growth is further underlined by collaborations with established companies such as Walmart and planned expansions into Mexico, Brazil, Europe and the US. Nutrix is dedicated to addressing the challenges of diabetes and obesity, particularly in regions such as Latin America. With a diverse team of medical device, engineering and AI experts, the company is making strides in improving patient care, health management and overall well-being.

Investment date: March 2023

Founders: Maria Hahn, Jemish Parmar, Nikhil Singh

Location: Basel, Switzerland