Project develops advanced system supporting the management of catering companies which allows fast, cheap and accurate inventory of raw materials. STKTK’s clients include businesses which provide catering services such as bars, restaurants and hotels. The proposed solution consists of software for intelligent scales, a mobile and web application to perform inventory activities and a cloud database. It enables fast and accurate control of inventory as well as registration of production losses and waste. Cloud stored data allow free flow of information between control system and business management system. By using STKTK system entrepreneurs can make an inventory in easy and fast way, delegate tasks to employees, monitor progress of work and conduct digital record of warehouse documentation. STKTK solution is sold in SaaS model thanks to which it is available at a competitive price and does not require high investment costs.

The purpose of STKTK system is to increase the efficiency of resource management and to limit negative economic, social and environmental consequences associated with improper disposal of food products. Automation of inventory process reduces control costs, increases efficiency of loss identification and defining their causes.


Simpact has invested PLN 1 M in the company. The funds will be spent on the implementation of research and development works which aim to create product markers adapted to work in difficult refrigeration conditions, use machine learning algorithms to forecast consumption of inventory and update tools and software. Project plans to start international expansion and test different business models.


Globally, there is 1,3 B tons of food waste every year (according to FAO data). Food waste is both a socio-economic and environmental problem. Increased consumption influence food prices. Wasting food by consumers from developed countries is unethical due to the problem of poverty in the world. It results in excessive consumption of energy and water which are used in production and transport as well as in environmental pollution by generating more waste. Implementation of STKTK system enables effective management of the supply chain, thanks to which it reduces losses caused by exceeded date of consumption. Smaller number of unused food products reduces negative effects of excessive use of energy and water as well as higher production of greenhouse gases.


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