The company develops 3D printing technology used in construction industry. It creates and implements innovative engineering solutions by adapting 3D technology to work with concrete – the most commonly used construction material in the world. So far a new design of head has been developed which reinforce concrete structures and automize production of formwork and building supports. REbuild’s strategy is to create a strong portfolio of intellectual property rights for new, revolutionary solutions for the construction sector which relate to the Additive Manufacturing of Concrete (AMoC). It is an innovative method which variants are constantly developed and improved. R&D works carried out as a part of the project contributes to the scientific understanding of the connection between design, materials, construction process and final product. In addition to engineering work, REbuild team also constitutes formulation of regulations and standards for 3D printing and educates the market and its clients on new possibilities of an innovative approach to construction.


Together with AgriTech, Simpact has invested USD 900k. Investment will be used for further research and development.


Solutions created by the REbuild team support the development of a new branch of the construction industry, which is the use of the 3D printing method. #D printing technology in construction allows to reduce the amount production waste, shorten construction time, increase the precision of workmanship and increase project adaptation to local conditions. In addition, printing cost of residential building is much lower than in the case of traditional method, hence it can be assumed that wide implementation of technology will reduce housing prices. What is more, REbuild team plans to develop innovative method of reuse of recycling materials in the construction process which will have a positive impact on the environment.


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