Smart Soft Solution develops  Thermo Eye system, which enables constant monitoring of body temperature of farm animals, thanks to which erly detection of many diseases is possible. According to research, the  vast majority of diseases are characterized by a temperature impulse at the very early stage of the disease. Places in which the sensors of the Thermo Eye system are located, feeders and watering place, allows effective identification and marking of sick animals. The user is notified via SMS about the suspected disease in a given sector of the farm while having constant online access to current data regarding the entire herd. The system consists of devices equipped with thermovision sensors and a computer program that analyzes the results using reconnaissance algorithms based on artificial intelligence.

The solution has been designed for pig producers and meat industry, which depends on both the lowest rates of death in the herd and the high quality of meat offered to the consumer.


Together with the AgriTechHub fund, Simpact has invested PLN 1.49 million in the project. The investment will enable the implementation of  R&D plan, which aims to improve the system with new functionalities reported by users during previous tests and further development of analytical tools.


Thermo Eye not only facilitates the work of farmers, but above all it allows to reduce the loss associated with the occurrence of mass incidence on the farm and increase the quality of meat products. Currently, in ​​industrial pig farming, 2-3% of the animals do not survive until the end of the growing period. In addition to obvious activities such as cleanliness, quarantine or food quality control, antibiotics and vaccines are preventively administered to animals to reduce the risk of disease. Antibiotics are administered to the animals preventively, regardless of the outbreak of the disease in the herd. It obviously reduces the mortality of animals, however it affects the quality of meat offered on the consumer market. Thermo Eye system monitoring the health of pigs enables early detection of the pathogenic stage, which allows keeping the herd in the best condition and significantly reduces the use of antibiotics. This is of great importance in the context of the growing problem of drug resistance of pathogenic microorganisms.

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