The aim of the project is to launch innovative customizable upper limb prosthetics produced in SLS 3D printing technology. Product created by Glaze team is of the best quality – it is beautifully crafted, light and easy to put on and take off, made of super resistant material. User can change one model to another in a very easy way. Glaze prosthetics are customized aa far as the shape and size are concerned and they are suitable for individual needs.

Thanks to a special online configurator available on the company’s website, each client can design his own prosthesis and customize it to his own needs and taste. In this way company provides completely new approach to the prosthetics market. Glaze is the very first project in the world that offers amputees the possibility to decide on the overall design, different kinds of finishing, colors and built-in accessories.


Simpact has invested PLN 1 million in the company. Funds from the investment will be spent on research and further development, IP protection, implementation of business model, IT platform and marketing.


Glaze Prosthetics offers prosthetic products for patients with permanent dysfunctions after amputation. Losing a hand means not only depriving an important center of information from the environment, gripping, recognition and sensory factor, but also the cause of mental shock combined with depression and the drama of phantom pain. Amputation of the upper limb is often the cause of serious problems not only of physical nature, but above all psychological ones which lead to social isolation of the disabled person. The project ensures the improvement of the market availability of prosthetics and improvement of their functionalities, including increasing the strength, ergonomics and aesthetics of the product. The mission of the project is to enable excluded people to return to everyday life in society by offering people who do not have a limb a modern, highly functional prosthesis.

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