Below we present selected media information related to our business activities

E-contenta, an AI-powered content distribution platform announced PLN 1 million investment from the Polish early-stage venture capital fund, Simpact.

AgrTech Hub and Simpact invest PLN 900k in project REbuild which develops technology of 3D concrete printing.

Simpact invests PLN 1 million in innovative project Glaze Prosthetics. The company has the potential to revolutionize the prosthetic industry not only in Poland, but also abroad.

Simpact will invest PLN 1 million in innovative project Take Task which will be be spent on development of the platform.

We are looking for companies that try to solve problems through technology - says Jacek Ostrowski, Partner at Simpact, guest of Paweł Rożyński's program #RZECZoBIZNESIE.

Simpact and AgriTech have invested in ThermoEye system which enables continuous monitoring of body temperature of farm animals.

Simpact fund, which was launched as part of the Bridge Alfa program coordinated by the National Center for Research and Development, invested PLN 1 million in online platform for foreign language learning - Fiszkoteka.

Kozminski University begins to invest in start-ups. Together with the Foundation for Polish Science, it has joined the venture capital fund - Simpact. Investors focus on projects that have a high business potential and social impact.

Polish startups are increasingly willing to focus on the medical industry. Native technologies in health care attract investors. They have a chance to become our export product if they manage to overcome many barriers.

People with an idea for business and young companies can get up to PLN 3 million from the recently launched Simpact fund. Jacek Ostrowski talks about the fund's philosophy of operation, requirements for people interested in financial support, first investment and mistakes of young entrepreneurs.

Simpact is the first investment fund in Poland based on the idea of Impact Investing, in which the key criteria for investing and involvement in technological projects will be their positive impact on society and the natural environment.

Simpact is one of the first venture capital funds in Central and Eastern Europe based on the concept of Impact Investing. This means that in its operation it is not guided solely by the financial profit.

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