E-stado creates an intelligent management system of herd of dairy cows, which monitors in real time the health, fertility and well-being of animals using biosensors. The main functions of the system include determination of the optimal insemination period, animal health monitoring including body temperature and rumination measurement, calving control and oversight of barn microclimate. The system is non-invasive and safe to use, based on the maintenance-free ear sensors, tail sensors and pedometers.
The daily functioning of a dairy farm requires taking tens and sometimes hundreds of decisions, which should be accurate based on reliable data. Using a system, cattleman receives up-to-date information and alarm messages about each individual animal and barn conditions which is required to take specific actions. E-stado is not limited to reporting information but it also provides conclusions and tips which are easy for cattleman to understand and implement. A system of such a complex construction, supporting farmers in a comprehensive manner is a novelty on the global market. E-stado offers an integrated solution for automated diagnostics, which solves many problems that cattleman faces. It allows to eliminate the majority of mistakes made while breeding animals, which results in deteriorating health condition, occurrence of chronic diseases, decrease in milk quality and efficiency. The system created by the E-stado enables effective management of a herd of dairy cows, increases the production potential and profitability of breeding.


Simpact has invested PLN 1 M in the company. The funds will be allocated to of research and further development of the system, introduction of new functionalities enabling measurement and assessment of the daily light cycle, production and sales.


Very intensive animal production is associated with serious threats to the environment, animal health and food safety. Most large-scale farming technologies reduce hygienic standards and are not animal-friendly. They often cause stress, emotional disorders which results in lower efficiency of production and bad health results. In intensive animal production, antibiotics are routinely used as both growth promoters and as part of preventive measures. Irresponsible, excessive use of antibiotics in breeding contributes to the increasing resistance to antibiotics of many pathogens responsible for serious human diseases. In addition, intensive breeding technologies have a very negative influence for the environment.
The E-stado solution allows not only a significant improvement in the process of making strategic decisions and increasing production efficiency, but it also improves the welfare of animals. Moreover, thanks to the limited use of chemistry and precise management of breeding, the project contributes to the improvement of food safety and quality, inhibition of antibiotic resistance and protection of natural resources.


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