E-Contenta creates innovative solutions for digital marketing and advices companies on how to properly run content marketing campaigns on the web. It uses its platform to help brands distribute editorials through native advertising. Created system is based mainly on AI algorithms which provide automated matching of high quality, educational content to preferences of user’s preferences. Online users are able to see an advertisement from E-Contenta if they are a 75% match for the brand’s target audience. Native advertising supported by E-Contenta system are much more effective in driving loyal readers to corporate blogs and media than traditional display or banner ads. They are non-intrusive, informative and tailored to the interest of the reader.

E-Contenta has participated in the American acceleration program Starta Acceleerator organized by Russina VC fund – Starta Venture. The team has already got pre-seed funding from The Untitled Ventures. E-Contenta’s clients include several global brands such as Whiskas, PepsiCo and Bookmate. The company also cooperates with the largest media agencies, including MGroup and OMD.


Simpact has invested PLN 1 million in the company. Funds from the investment will be used for R&D including further development of the system and creation of new tracking and targeting algorithms as well as IP protection and implementation of the business model.


E-Contenta promotes sustainable digital marketing, cleaning up the internet which is overwhelmed with irrelevant information and annoying advertising. It helps brands switch from pushy marketing to a long-term relationship with their target audience, built on educational and inspirational storytelling. The internet will become a cleaner space as users see less and less useless or irrelevant ads.



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